COBB Accesstuner Pro Certification and Training 2018

Your COBB Dealer Locator listing now not only includes the Accesstuner Pro platforms you support (see example below in black bold lettering), but it also highlights those platforms for which your business is now a "Certified" COBB Protuner (see example below in red bold lettering). For the past two years, COBB has offered training courses at its headquarters in Austin, Texas. For those who took these COBB training courses and passed the intensive written exam, these accomplishments are now part of their Dealer Locator listing. This certified status is awarded on a per-platform basis as shown below. This "Certified Protuner" status demonstrates platform specific calibration expertise!

Now is the time to schedule your own Accesstuner Pro Training! COBB Tuning in Austin, Texas is schedule to host up to 5 one week training courses in 2018. All Protuner training events are listed on the COBB Protuner Support page with the Dealer Portal:

Each of the week long courses will cover at least two platforms. The first training session coming up in March, 2018 will cover Subaru and GT-R.

So, you're very likely asking yourself, "How does my business get certified?".

1. Sign up for a training session at COBB Tuning in Austin Texas

2. Pre-pay $3,500 for COBB products. This pre-paid product purchase is redeemed for any COBB product(s) AFTER the training course is completed. If you sign up for the training course and DO NOT attend, $1,000 of your product purchase deposit is forfeited (non-refundable).

3. Attend the training course. Participate in classroom and dyno based training!

4. Take the written exam and pass with 85% or better score.

5. Enjoy your "Certified Protuner" status on the COBB Dealer Locator!

We look forward to seeing you at COBB Headquarters this year!

Thank you and best regards,

The COBB Protuner Support Team


February Protuner Webinar: Ford Ecoboost OE Boost Control Explained!

COBB Protuners, Please join this month’s Protuner webinar on Thursday, February 22nd at noon Pacific Time.

Please register here:

Ford Ecoboost vehicles have proven to be one of the more challenging platforms COBB supports. The underlying torque, load, and airflow modeling creates a highly integrated system that must be balanced and coordinated for most consistent performance.

A critical part of this process is properly calibrated boost control. The Ford boost control system is a collection of modeled functions intended to deliver a desired mass airflow through the engine by means of turbocharger output control. This system is fairly complex compared to most OEM boost control strategies and requires in-depth understanding of its sub-systems to effectively calibrate. For this month’s webinar we will describe these sub-systems and using practical calibration examples and tools facilitate your own calibration work.

Please take an opportunity to submit your Ford calibration related questions before the webinar. We will address each question privately, and if there is general interest, within the webinar as well.

Sign up NOW as we will deliver written documentation to registered participants a few days before the webinar. Yes, its complex enough that homework is required!

Best regards and thank you,

The COBB Protuner Support Team

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.