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COBB Dealer Only: New Platform and Product Announcement

Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk6) Support is Here!!

COBB Tuning is a bunch of car guys and girls based out of Austin, TX. We got our start in Subaru in 1999 and now love playing with everything in our shop fleet of Mitsubishis, turbo BMWs, Mazdaspeeds, Ford EcoBoosts, Nissan GT-Rs, and Porsches. We introduced the first handheld tuning solution for the turbo Subarus, hacked the unhackable GT-R, and have helped tune some of the fastest Porsches on the planet. Now, we’re taking our experience in turbocharged and direct injected vehicles to help make Volkswagens go even faster!

Right now we are excited to announce support for the MK6 VW GTI (2010 - 2014)! Next, we will be working on support for the MK7 GTI (2015 - current), then DSG tuning, and then more vehicle support. We will also be adding COBB Custom Features along the way such as brake boosting, custom launch control, and more. Let us know what you want and we can see if it’s possible!

The Accessport provides handheld DME flashing that you can do in any location at anytime. The Accessport comes pre-installed with Stage 1, Stage 1+, and Stage 2 Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps for a straightforward modification power path. Any new map updates are a free download on your home computer using Accessport Manager (available for Windows and OSX). Leave the AP plugged-in to your OBDII port to see live monitors and ensure your car is running as expected. Take a datalog with the fastest logging rates available to review the information later. Or, you can even leave the Accessport in your glovebox for when you need it. Need to remove the Accessport? No problem! Select the Uninstall option from the main menu and your return your car to factory DME programming.

We are very excited to join an enthusiast culture where OTS maps are the norm. We understand that hundreds of hours go into this R&D process and we share the same pride in making our own OTS maps. All of our Staged OTS maps are included for free on the Accessport and any updates are a free download on your home computer, then easily installed on your vehicle using the Accessport, no dealer trip required. OTS maps are a great way to follow a proven upgrade path using tested and known parts.

Ready to push the car a little harder? Have modifications done outside of a typical OTS map? We couldn’t be any happier to let you know there is finally a solution: Accesstuner. A Protuner in our worldwide network can create a custom map for your exact car, your exact fuel, your exact climate, your exact modifications, and your exact driving style. Full control of the DME using OEM tuning tables and OEM tuning strategies melded with COBB Custom Features for the ultimate VW tuning solution.


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Product Shot

Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk6) USDM
Product Code: AP3-VLK-001
Price: $650.00

Product Shot
Product Shot

Stage1 93
Peak Gains*
+12.8% HP / +18.6% TQ
Max Gains*
+17.1% HP / at 4900 / +22.2% TQ at 4000

Stage1 High boost / Stage1+SF 93
Peak Gains*
+13.2% HP / +24.7% TQ
Max Gains*
+28.2% HP / +23.3% TQ at 4300 RPM

Stage2 93
Peak Gains* +27.1% HP / +29.2% TQ
Max Gains* +34% HP at 4600 RPM / +35% TQ at 4000 RPM

Product Shot

Volkswagen High Flow Filter GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 7V1110
Price: $60

Product Shot

Volkswagen Intake System GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 7V1100
Price: $395

Product Shot
Product Shot

Volkswagen Stage 2 Power Package GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 6V1X02
Price: $2,775

Product Shot

Volkswagen Stage 1+ Power Package GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 6V1X01P
Price: $975

Product Shot

Volkswagen Stage 1 Power Package GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 6V1X01
Price: $675

Product Shot

Volkswagen Turboback Exhaust GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1300
Price: $1,795

Product Shot

Volkswagen Cat-Back Exhaust GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1100
Price: $1,195

Product Shot

Volkswagen Catted 3" Downpipe (Stock Cat-Back) GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1200
Price: $725

Product Shot

Volkswagen Catted 3" Downpipe GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1202
Price: $725

Product Shot

Volkswagen 3" Downpipe Rear Section GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1203
Price: $275

Product Shot


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