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COBB Accesstuner Pro Subscription Plan

Dear COBB Protuner Dealer,

More than two years ago, COBB Tuning began offering Protuner software access in conjunction with product purchases. This was a major shift in approach and perspective regarding software distribution: The gating factor for software access was no longer the capacity to pay a large up front charge but was instead more appropriately linked to a business’ aptitude and preparation for engine calibration. This software distribution approach expanded COBB’s Protuner dealer network and armed our dealers with critical tools for efficient and profitable custom tuning activities. All in all, this has been a great success for COBB and its Protuner dealers.

In December of 2015, the evolution of COBB’s software distribution and licensing system begins its next phase as we move to a promised pay-per-use based system. You will find that gaining access to COBB software has never been easier. Large up front product purchases are now minimized in favor of a modest monthly subscription fee.  This subscription program begins in January of 2016.

If you are an existing COBB Protuner, your current software suites are subject to this subscription program to maintain access to updated Accesstuner Pro software. New Protuner dealers will simply begin their Accesstuner Pro software access under this system. To maintain software access, all new and existing Protuners must opt into our software subscription system here.

COBB currently offer software for 7 different platforms:

• Subaru
• Mitsubishi EVO X
• Nissan R35 GT-R
• Mazdaspeed 3/6
• BMW (N54 N55 through 2011-2012)
• Porsche
• Ford EcoBoost

A single software suite is $100 per month. Access to all 7 Software suites are $220 per month.

If you require fewer software suites the cost (per month) breakdown is as follows:

• 1 suite = $100
• 2 suite = $120
• 3 suites = $140
• 4 suites = $160
• 5 suites = $180
• 6 suites = $200
• 7 suites = $220

All Protuner dealer accounts will be billed automatically beginning in January 2016 and will be billed on a monthly basis thereafter.

If you would like to add any access to any particular Accesstuner Pro software suite, please email Additional suites that gain approval from the Protuner support team will be added and billed on the following month.

Some Protuner dealers may choose to discontinue access to some software suites before this subscription program begins. Please notify before January of 2016.

We sincerely thank you for your support and advocacy. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

Tim Bailey and the COBB Tuning Dealer/Protuner Support Team


Authorized Dealers approved to buy direct can now create a CSV PO and automatically submit it via email to COBB Tuning Wholesale. Visit and click “Product Information” to place your order. View Dealer Resources for product information, pricing, assets, support, documentation, and more.