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COBB Accesstuner Pro Subscription Program - ACTION NEEDED!!

Dear COBB Protuners,

Thank you to those of you who joined our Protuner Accesstuner Pro (ATP) subscription program overview! I apologize to those of you who could not attend due to capacity issues. We very quickly reached our maximum participant count for this particular webinar. For those that could not attend, we have hosted the webinar for your viewing here:

To review the details of the COBB Accesstuner Pro subscription program and maintain access to Accesstuner Pro software please see the COBB EULA here:

The initial Flex Fuel Subaru release is currently slated for early January 2016. Make sure your COBB Accesstuner Pro Subscription system is set up and IN PLACE to ensure you have access to new features without interruption!

Here is a short summary of the most important questions from today's webinar:

Discount -
Q:  Is there a discount for paying up front for a year of software up front?  

A: Currently there is no way to offer a discount for paying for a year up front. The logistics of our payment method makes it nearly impossible to offer this. We are trying to keep the total cost low and equitable for all concerned. 

Legacy Accesstuner Pro Software users:
Q: What about those of us that paid for licensing years ago?

A: COBB will offer credit toward the subscription program based upon a depreciated value of the software licensing purchased which is a function of 1) when the licensing was purchased and, 2) how much was paid for said licensing.  Please note that it has been more than two (2) years since the software was last distributed using a paid licensing program.

Accesstuner Race
Q: What is the future of Accesstuner Race (ATR)?

A:  Accesstuner Pro will continue to gain tuning tools (map compare, improved datalog viewing options, etc.); Accesstuner Race will not.  Any new table or custom code feature (IE, Flex Fuel for Subaru) will find its way to ATR but only after a minimum mandatory 6 month waiting period following the official ATP release.  ATR will be a PAID product and will no longer be free to download beginning no later than the second quarter of 2016. 

If you have further questions or feedback, please email our support team at

Best regards and thank you

Tim Bailey and the COBB Dealer Support Team


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