COBB Custom Features are now available for supported GD Subaru WRX and STi vehicles!

The time has finally come! For a list of additions to Accesstuner Pro and Accessport firmware head to the Dealer blog for full release details. Our most notable features are Flex Fuel, Fuel Pressure Differential, Per Gear Boost Targets/Wastegate Duty Cycle control, and Custom Sensor Logging.

If you pre-ordered hardware, your order is shipping today via UPS Next Day Air for arrival tomorrow. All orders placed after this morning will be fulfilled as a normal wholesale order.

Our Consumer release for GD Flex Fuel / COBB Custom Features is Tue, May 23rd.

With a Protune required to take advantage of features, we anticipate pointing a considerable amount of customers to our Protuners / Dealers.


Subaru Flex Fuel Package (3 Pin) - STI 2004-2006, WRX 2006-2007

Product Code: SUBFFGD001
Price: $800


Subaru Flex Fuel Package (5 Pin) - STI 2007

Product Code: SUBFFGD002
Price: $800


Subaru Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit (3 Pin) STI 2004-2006, WRX MT 2006-2007

Product Code: 312550
Price: $600


Subaru Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit (5 Pin) STI 2007

Product Code: 312560
Price: $600


Subaru Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit (3 Pin) STI 2004-2006, WRX MT 2006-2007

Product Code: 312650
Price: $225


Subaru AN Adapter Fittings WRX 2006-2017, STI 2004-2016

Product Code: 312630
Price: $45



Product Code: CO-Flex-Fuel-Badge
Price: $8



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