New COBB Subaru Front Mount Intercooler for WRX 2015-2017 and New BMW ROM Support and added Features.


New COBB Subaru Front Mount Intercooler for WRX 2015-2017

Remove the overworked factory intercooler from your 2015+ WRX in favor of the COBB Front Mount Intercooler Kit. Featuring a massive 24" x 11" x 4" Bar and Plate core and 2.5" piping, this kit is capable of supporting in excess of 800 whp. The intercooler core is finished in a black or silver heat-dissipating coating. The piping is mandrel bent aluminum and finished in wrinkle black powder coat to keep the engine bay tidy. An included BPV adapter plate will allow installation of the factory bypass valve, COBB XLE BPV, or any valve with factory-like fitment. The cold side piping includes an integrated bung for an Intake Air Temperature sensor which makes for a straight-forward Speed Density conversion. The COBB FMIC is designed to work with the COBB SF Intake and Airbox combination. Compatibility with other intake kits cannot be confirmed. A feature unique to this intercooler kit is the integrated mounting provision for a factory tow hook or license plate relocation bracket.


Subaru Front Mount Intercooler Kit (Black) WRX 2015-2017

Product Code: SUBFMIC002BK
Price: $


Subaru Front Mount Intercooler Kit (Silver) WRX 2015-2017

Product Code: SUBFMIC002SL
Price: $


Subaru Front Mount Intercooler Core Black STI / WRX 2015-2017

Product Code: 716500-BK
Price: $895


Subaru Front Mount Intercooler Core Silver STI / WRX 2015-2017

Product Code: 716500-SL
Price: $895


Subaru Cold Pipe Kit WRX 2015-2017

Product Code: 741500-C
Price: $545


Subaru Hot Pipe Kit WRX 2015-2017

Product Code: 741500-C
Price: $300


Subaru XLE BPV for WRX 2015-2017

Product Code: 745660
Price: $295



COBB Tuning is excited to announce another update for the BMW platform. Vehicles with updated ROM IDs from BMW can now take advantage of the power, control, and convenience of the Accessport that other BMW enthusiasts have been enjoying. Note that the same vehicles are backed but support has been added to several ROMs that may have been updated through a dealer visit. The Accessport will ship with pre-loaded performance maps to get new users up and running with the push of a button. The maps specify the appropriate fuel grade required for each map to perform properly. Maps with “Aggressive” should only be used with 93 octane or better. Other maps can be used with 91 octane or better. The BMW Accessports come with all of the same features released on previous versions including performance monitoring, live data monitoring and data logging of several ECU monitors, as well as DTC scanning and clearing.

BMW owners with vehicles having 98G1B and 98H1B can also take advantage of the recently released v201 maps. These Stage2 and up v201 maps were developed to address fault code logic (DTCs) issues. These maps come pre-loaded on the Accessport and can be downloaded from the Maps Section of the COBB website. If you already have a BMW Accessport you can also get these maps though a firmware update.



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