COBB Tuning

Hello COBB Dealers and Protuners,

The new COBB Tuning dealer website is now online!

For those of you that have set your login/email, follow the below link. Once you come to the login page, you will need to set your password for the first time. Do so by following the below highlighted area and “Click Here”. Once you set your password, sign-in and you’re on your way.

Visit the new dealer website:

Want a quick overview of the new COBB Tuning dealer website?

For those of you that have yet to set your login/email you can do so by following the below link:

IMPORTANT: Each dealer can register and assign ONE e-mail address used for logging into the Dealer website. We've made the process of registering this e-mail easy and the below link is unique to you as a dealer. If you, or your company have multiple contacts on file with COBB, please coordinate registering this ONE e-mail address. Once your login/email is set, go to the dealer website homepage and proceed with setting your password. Once your password is set, sign-in and you’re good to go!

PLEASE REGISTER this e-mail by FOLLWING THIS LINK to the login / email setup.

The COBB Tuning dealer website gives dealers the ability to:

- View the COBB product catalog and your wholesale pricing, product specs, inventory available, descriptions, product images and more.

- Place wholesale orders directly from COBB for Accessports, Hard Parts and Stage Packages.

- Track shipments and view your account details, product discounts, terms, dealer status, Protuner subscription status and more.

- Download single OTS Maps or select and download multiple OTS Maps via a .zip file. - Easy access to Protuner resources, ATP training, programs, policies and more.

- Stay up-to-date with the latest product releases, dealer promotions, webinars, announcements and more.

Thank you,

The COBB Dealer Support Team