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COBB Dealer Agreement and MAP

As a reminder to our COBB Authorized Dealer Network: We appreciate the amazing support and enthusiasm provided by each and every one of our Authorized Dealers!

As such, we want to make sure everyone is aware of some polices we have in place to protect the network as well as provide the best possible experience and support for all our customers.

A few very important items to remember:

1. Please read the entire MAP policy below. No advertised prices below MAP price are allowed on any channel: social media, forums, etc. If a group of people can see the price, it is advertising! Private price disclosures directly with the end customer are fine and are not in any way controlled under the MAP policy.

2. Website features such as click for price, automated bounce back emails, etc that display a price before it is in the customer's cart are considered advertising and could be a MAP violation.

3. Listings on 3rd party retail sites such as Amazon, eBay, NewEgg, etc are strictly prohibited!

4. COBB Dealer Agreements do not allow for the sale of any COBB products to other re-sellers. This includes selling to other Authorized COBB Dealers! Dealers and Protuners can only purchase COBB products from COBB direct or Authorized COBB distributors.

Please be aware that any violations of the MAP Policy and /or Dealer Agreement can and will result in the loss of authorization and that business name on our Unauthorized Dealer list.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or would like clarification, please email

Thank you, The COBB Wholesale Team