COBB TuningNissan GT-R Updates

Cooler Weather.  Cool new features.

Most notably, September marks the release of a new Inspection/Maintenance Readiness reader (read-only).

New vehicle support added to the NIS-007 and NIS-008 V3 Accessports include the 2016 USDM Nismo GT-R, the 2015 EDM GT-R, and the 2015 Gulf Spec GT-R.  

In addition to being supported, these vehicles are also compatible with Accesstuner Race and Accesstuner Pro.

Additions to COBB Traction Control have also been made. There is now a background ceiling to the Target Slip User Multiplier table. This is present in both Accesstuner Race and Accesstuner Pro and will prevent any invalid values from being input and keep the feature working as intended.

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) descriptions have also been added to Accesstuner. The DTC descriptions are shown in the “Advanced Engine Parameters” dialog box. Extended descriptions that include common reasons for failure are shown by placing the mouse over the DTC for certain codes.

New Ethanol content Modification tables have been added to the Accesstuner Flex Fuel capabilities.

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