Nissan GT-R Accesstuner Pro Beta Updates

New features including 12 Injector Support and Auto Shifting in Race Mode are available in the Beta version of Accestuner Pro! All users that have “Allow Beta Versions” selected can receive this update with these new features.

To update Accesstuner Pro and resolve these issues, open the software and go to Help->Updates->Check For Updates.

This Beta will be HASP-less. This requires an active software subscription, payment on file with us, and your COBB Dealer login credentials. If you’ve yet to set-up your COBB Dealer credentials, have an inactive subscription, or don’t have payment on file with us, please contact our dealer support team.

The HASP-less Accesstuner Pro software will only work on ONE computer at a time and it will work offline for 7 days. At that point, it will require an internet connection to function again. For multiple computers or for use on a new computer, you will need to contact our dealer support team.

The HASP-less Accesstuner Pro software will not work on Windows XP or Vista (or older operating systems).

The HASP-less Accesstuner Pro software contains Beta support for 12 injector functionality and auto shift points in race mode. These features are ONLY available in the HASP-less Accesstuner Pro software.


During the Beta period, we ask that you provide feedback and report any bugs to our GT-R Expert Group If you have any other questions, please let our dealer support team know: or 866-977-7441




The new staged injection feature allows users to control 12 injectors through custom code on the factory ECU. The most common use would be for smaller primary and larger secondary injectors allowing your customers to have an incredibly high power street car that is capable of stock-like behavior under lighter loads. Multiple activation thresholds and transition compensations allow smooth progression between stock and big power. The software will also allow a secondary fuel type to be used with the secondary injectors (require a supplemental fuel cell). This is ideal for those with lower quality pump gas. Controlling when the secondary fuel (race fuel/higher octane) is added allows you to only burn this fuel under higher loads instead of when idling down the street. The COBB Staged Injection feature will allow full control over anything else you wanted to include in the secondary system including water or methanol injection.


This feature allows you to set auto shift points for the GT-R in Race Mode. No more over revving! As indicated in the table description, the setting for the desired shift RPM should be set artificially low. How low relative to the actual shift RPM the setting should be will vary by gear and how much power the car is making.