COBB Tuning


The Accessport V3 now features new changes to the lens, the Start-up screen, faceplates and Holsters.

Accessport Lens:
The Accessport lens which featured the old Accessport logo will now be replaced with the COBB logo.

Nissan and Porsche Accessports will receive glass lenses. All other Accessports will receive plastic lenses.

The new lens will start shipping March 24th.

Start-Up Screen:
The initial Start-Up screen has also been updated. The repeating COBB logo graphic will be replaced with the updated Accessport Logo. The Start-up screen will be included in future firmware updates.

All Volkswagen orders will feature the new lens and Start-up screen.

New Black Faceplate:
The blue faceplate has been discontinued and replaced with a black faceplate. All orders are being shipped with the black faceplate effective immediately.

V3 Holster:
The Accessport Holster has been redesigned. The old holster has been discontinued. All orders are already shipping with the new holster. (Both holsters will fit the Dual T sticky mount and Accessport V3). The part number has changed to: AP3-HOLSTER-002.



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