There is a new update for the Ford Platform including Accessport Firmware updates along with several enhancements to the Accesstuner Software.

This update for the Ford Accesstuner Software contains added support for new Focus STs, Generation 2 COBB Custom Features (CCF Gen2) for the Focus RS and Mustang EcoBoost along with expanded realtime tables, and several improvements within the software across all Ford vehicles.



All future updates of Accesstuner will be on the new HASP-less Accesstuner Pro Software called “Accesstuner Pro HL.”

Accesstuner Pro HL requires an active software subscription, payment on file with us, accepting the new end user license agreement, and your COBB Dealer login credentials. If you’ve yet to set-up your COBB Dealer credentials, have an inactive subscription, or don’t have payment on file with us, please contact our dealer support team.

Accesstuner Pro HL software will have TWO active clients at a time for users with four or fewer suites and THREE active clients if you have five or more suites. It will work offline for 7 days. At that point, it will require an internet connection to function again. For multiple computers or for use on a new computer, you will need to contact our dealer support team.

These new features are available through an update within the Accesstuner software. It should be noted that the updated version of Accesstuner is no longer compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista. The Accesstuner software will no longer work if updated in these operating systems. Users with these operating systems should avoid the update or install the software on a supported Windows system (Windows 7 or higher).

We ask that you provide feedback and report any bugs to our Ford Expert Group or by using the new crash reporting system. More information makes it easier to solve issues with the software. With this information, we can reconstruct the issue which helps us find and solve the exact problem. If you happen to encounter these crash reports please send them over so we can achieve the best tuning software possible. If you have any other questions, please let our dealer support team know: or 866-977-7441.



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- Easy access to Protuner resources, ATP training, programs, policies and more.

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