We've adjusted prices on select Volkswagen products!

Product Shot

Volkswagen Stage 2 Power Package GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 6V1X02
Was: $2,775, NOW: $2,175

Product Shot

Volkswagen Turboback Exhaust GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1300
Was: $1,795, NOW: $1,195

Product Shot

Volkswagen 3" Downpipe Rear Section GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1203
Was: $275, NOW: $250!

Product Shot

Volkswagen Catted 3" Downpipe (Stock Cat-Back) GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1200
Was: $725, NOW: $595!

Product Shot

Volkswagen Cat-Back Exhaust GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1100
Was: $1,195, NOW: $695!

Product Shot

Volkswagen Catted 3" Downpipe GTI 2010-2014

Product Code: 5V1202
Was: $725, NOW: $595!

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At COBB Tuning you will have access to calibrators and engineers that play critical roles in the design, development and testing of COBB Tuning products. COBB Tuning is THE location to have COBB Tuning products installed and professionally dyno tuned. We specialize in Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, Porsche and BMW performance model vehicles. Work with our professional staff to take your car to the next level! Click a location below for full information. Our Shops carry most of the products you will find on, so check with your local COBB shop to see what we have in stock.

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With over 15 years of Research and Development, COBB Tuning has created Upgrade Paths designed to provide you with everything you will need to go from a bone stock car to a powerful, drivable, daily smile-making machine. Each path is specifically designed to maximize power of the Accessport, Hard Parts and our Off-The-Shelf maps.

Step 1: Accessport
Step 2: Stage Power Package
Step 3: Custom Tuning